So... What's Next?

We’re so excited for you to take the next step in reaching your weight loss goals! So…let’s talk about what’s next! We hope this will answer some of the questions you may have!

When Will I Receive My Shipment?

After you have made your purchase, we begin by ordering products specifically for you. The pharmacy will begin working on your medication immediately. It can take up to 7-10 business days to receive your medication. Once we do receive your shipping information, you will be EMAILED a tracking number! You should expect for your package to include 12 weeks worth of medicine. Be sure to inspect the vials promptly after delivery to ensure there are no issues.

Where Do I Store The Products?

My Products Aren't Premixed, Why?

Your injections are to be stored in the freezer. When you are ready to take your injection, take it out about 15 minutes beforehand to thaw. Shots are to be taken once a week.

No worries! The pharmacy that we receive our products from contain both premixed and non-premixed. Occasionally, one product is on backorder and the other is available. We have authorized the pharmacy to dispense whichever the patients can get the fastest to prevent delays in treatment. Instructions to mix are located on the box the products come in.

When Can I Start My Injections?

You can start as soon as your shipment arrives! The time of the day of the dose isn’t extremely important, but it is important to be mindful of your portion sizes for the first few weeks as you adjust.

Do I Need A Diet Plan?

Can I Receive A Refund?

We have diet guidelines and meal plan samples that you can use to help, but we do not have a strict diet plan that you must adhere to receive results.

We cannot guarantee that you will lose weight while taking the medicine, as stated in the contract. We also cannot offer any returns or refunds.

Is There A Group I Can Join?

Yes! We want to build a community that supports each other in their weight loss. To chat with others about their experience and to share your progress with a supportive family, join our Facebook group by clicking the button below!

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Pricing Information

There are two payment options.  Select which one works best for you.  Each provides three months of Semaglutide 


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